As students complete the class, some are posting the results. This is a gallery of some of the completed projects.

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Paul Dutch. His final project and comments:

“Really enjoyed the project and, as an intermediate user of Affinity (and other similar programs) it’s really cemented a lot of the techniques and tools available. When I bought the course there was no way I could’ve created a piece like this so I feel like I’ve learned a lot!”

Paul Dutch

Artwork by sacboi. He fisrt went for the project image, then he experimented with a more complex piece. Worth mentioning he was new to vectors drawing!

“(…) Petty happy with the end result alongside learning a heck of a lot as well. Anyways I’m going to further explore this particular illustrative method as too whether other subject matter I’ve in mind can also be rendered realistically.

I’m stoked how it eventually turned out. Although personally vector realistic leaning content creation methods are definitely via my very limited experience still challenging, in terms of accruing a ‘level of fluency’ that imo comparable too 3d asset generation end-to-end…if not more so.


Artwork by Robert Hodgkiss. Bob is a long time Inkscape user. He has been lately slowly transitioning into Affinity Designer, and mixing both of them initially for many of his artworks. He took the class to give an extra push to his transitioning and these three are the great results he came up with lately (I am sure there’ll be more! haha)

Did Isabel Illustration realistic art technique course and it is brilliant. I learnt loads which I know will improve my future work. I did this following watching the course”

Robert Hodgkiss

This one has been done using Adobe Illustrator instead of Affinity Designer. As said in the class itself, any vector software having the basic few tools we use to create this kind of artwork can deliver, and this is a very good example of this. Artwork by Stephen Kent.

I can confirm your general guidance and commands all translate very well into Illustrator. I have attached an image of the close to final work. I selected my favourite F1 car for the exercise and while I still think I can make some additional changes/additions I am completely in love with the results.

I can only say my sincere thanks again for putting the course together and I would also be very interested in an future courses you publish.”

Stephen Kent

Artwork by Ian Rei. His final project and comments:

“Just want to thank you for sharing this detailed tutorial, really have to say I’d learnt a ton about illustrating a realistic hard surface object using curves/vector’s which I had initially thought was mostly for designing logo’s and such…boy! was I waaay off base lol.”

Ian Rei

Artwork by Pat Faherty. Results speak for themselves :D

“Tough but worth it. I think I did ok. There were some light lines on the hood and at the big reflection that I just couldn’t make realistic so I left them out. Thanks so much Isabel and I’m looking forward to your next courses! I saw your animal painting video on YouTube and I hope hair/fur is on your list. Thanks again”

Pat Faherty

Artowrk by Marc Cardwell. A long time user of Adobe illustrator… here his first attempt on a realistic piece in Affinity Designer. An a variation! Fantastic!

“Hi Isabel, my final work attached below. I’ve been using AI for a long time, your intro to AD and the way of seeing shapes really was new to me. The project was hard, and I learned so much.”

Marc Cardwell

“I wanted to make this image more distinct. i changed colors, and some other stuff. i chose not to go too far with details and textures, i kind fo want to to be illustrative. now i’m woking on another van, some one stop me!”

Marc Cardwell

Artowrk by Chris Mensel. He really got a good grasp of it :D

“Fantastic lesson. Thank you!”

Chris Mensel

Artwork by Lassi Pentikäinen. Tried a different model, and the result is so nice! I want lick those wheels!! haha!

“Thanks for the course! I was able to follow along fine even with a different car model. This is my first try at realistic vector illustration (I’ve done 3D, cartoony vectors and photo manipulation before) and I’m extremely happy with the result.”

Lassi Pentikäinen

Artowork by BlueCato Cats. He has given the Porsche 911 a Turbe S - twist. Amazing!

BlueCato Cats

Artwork by Denis Gironaliero. He came up with a totally different model, colour palette and point of view. He managed really well.

Denis Giornaliero

Artowrk by Claes-Göran Andersson. His 2 final projects right below, with a particularly well done back side of the car and a beautiful second exercise he sent along to try with a bit of perspective. Wow!

Claes-Göran Andersson
Claes-Göran Andersson

Artwork by Fëanor Noldor. He nailed it, with those superb highlights and shades on the top back side of the car. Spotless!

“I am pretty happy with the result. There were some parts that gave me problems, but following your “simple forms” methods helped a lot.”

Fëanor Noldor

Artwork by Martin Windmill. He’s done really good! I specially dig the mirror, which is a tricky thing to get o well and the back side of the car which he has worked so smoothly too. Great job Martin!

“Great course Isabel. Hope I have done you justice with my drawing? Thoroughly enjoyed the process got some great tips. I especially liked the Vector crop tool way of showing parts of the original image. Thanks again for the insight on how to draw using vectors :-)”

Martin Windmill

Artwork by @NTheryx who also created a landing page with the illustration. He said the hardest part was the wheels, but the most baffling thing is that he was not even mastering the pen tool when he started this project. All I can say is wow!

“I won’t lie this was a hard one but I enjoyed the process.”


Artwork by Debby Whelan. So far, the only woman posting the final project. She told me she took the class to work out her mature brain. WELL SHE’S AN ARTIST! A real star!

“Finished the car, finally. This is the most involved project ever. Learned A LOT! Figured out mistakes and I now have a better idea how to begin a project. Great course and thanks so much for your effort. Debby.”

Debby Whelan

And here, Debby created a second one, with a new car model, this time she went a step forward, using perspective!

“Zooming in and out is really important, that action allows me to see what needs to be corrected while not worry about details.”

Debby Whelan

Artwork by Chris Chesworth. He left this beautiful model.

Chris Chesworth

Artwork by Eric O. He created this fantastic Lexus LC 500 :

Eric O.

Artwork by Graham Penlington. His final project and comments:

“Thanks Isabel, I would certainly recommend your course to anyone serious about improving their vector image creation.”

Graham Penlington

Artwork by Colin Killick. He went free-style and created this based on the lectures on the class :)

“Thanks for the course. Attached is a piece of work I have since completed”

Colin Killick

Artwork by Scott Becker. He has been creating several different pieces of cars artwork, and has been kind enough to post them all for me and other student’s to see his progress. Here some of his pieces:

“(…)Every time that I tried to draw anything, I became frustrated and just gave up, but not this time. Now my confidence is building slowly. Now I want to show the world my art and put my work on tee shirts. Isabel is a great teacher! She is very systematic and builds your skills from the ground up which is what I needed. She also has a positive attitude and that makes her classes fun which is something else that I needed. I think it is her positive attitude that kept me from giving up. (…)”

Scott Becker
Scott Becker
Scott Becker

Artwork by Bert Guilliland. He has applied the techniques to create his own version of the final project:

Thank you for a great lesson on vector illustration! I have so much to work on. The hardest part for me is seeing all the little details. You have given me the tools to practice and get better. Thanks again! Bert

Bert Guilliland

Professional Illustrator & Designer. Subtle, hardcore, laughter junkie. Learning! https://www.isabelaracama.com https://www.youtube.com/user/sauldrumandbass